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Expert Singing Tuition throughout the UK

Vocaltutor is a highly respected network of qualified voice and singing experts based throughout the UK.

Vocaltutor has developed a unique teaching method that trains all aspects of the voice including breathing techniques, range development, pitch correction, articulation, repertoire choices, confidence building and more. Vocaltutor have specialist teachers in genres including: Pop,  Musical Theatre, Soul, Jazz, Rock & Metal, Classical and more.

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Gift vouchers

How about something different as a birthday gift? Something that is fun, educational and uplifting. Vocaltutor offer gift voucher in 1, 3, 5, and 10 sessions. Click on the link to find out more Gift Vouchers

Our Clients

Vocaltutor's Associates, are experienced and qualified teachers and have worked with some of the best singers in the industry.

Here are to name just a few:

My Super Sweet 16 UK (MTV), Just the Two of Us (BBC), The Saturdays - Georgina Hill-Brown Vocaltutor Founder

Connor Mannard, Rita Ora, The Dolly Rockers, Steps, Robbie Williams, Lulu, Blue, Farrel Williams and many more - Stevie Van Lange, London teacher

Connie Talbot (Britain's Got Talent) - Emma Broughan, Birmingham Singing teacher

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Singing Lessons & Singing Classes

The art of singing is made up of simple concepts. Each of these concepts takes some time to understand, implement and master. Through professional singing lessons each singer brings with them a different set of abilities and attitudes, which when added to there training, independent research, personal style, and preference of music, affects their performance as well as the enjoyment of their audience. Through our professional singing lessons, we encourage the singers abilities and bring them out to be a true performer. Our Singing Classes by trained professionals will help you develop both your singing technique and style. The Singing Classes are designed for singers of all ages and levels of experience.

Singing Teachers & Singing Tuition

Singing Lessons are extremely relaxed and informal, conducted by experienced singing teachers. We believe that strong vocal technique is fundamental to having your voice at your disposal in good condition, allowing you to approach any style you choose from a position of safety. Our singing teachers encourage vocal freedom & health through controlled relaxation and support. VocalTutor provide one-to-one singing tuition in a safe and supportive environment to explore and develop your voice, learning projection and microphone technique (if desired) whilst working on a wide variety of repertoire and styles. As part of our singing tuition, we like to encourage pupils to try different genres.

Group Singing

If you are looking to experience group singing or group lessons VocalTutor is the best option for you. We have experienced teachers across the UK who offer effective group singing tuition that is fun as well as educational, our others services include summer schools, musical theatre training and choir work. Vocal Tutors offers tuition to beginners as well professionals to help develop your group singing skills.

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