Alexandra Martin

Location: Peterlee

Since moving to the North East Alexandra has fully immersed herself in the local music scene after winning funding for her business plan and self - penned, performed and produced music cd through a business course based at both Durham University and Chester-le-Street CDC. Alexandra went on to gig extensively as a solo singer songwriter performing at venues up and down the region including the “Radio Metro Arena” in Newcastle, where she was proud to work alongside “Apu” the Andean pan pipe outfit, “Ashton Folk Club” and “Thimbleberry Festival” before going on to complete her Music Degree at Durham University; she is now continuing her post-graduate studies to MA level through Trinity Examination Board in both “Music Theory & Composition” and “Singing” courses.

Alexandra will be producing videos available on to help you benefit from her advanced music skills and will be producing a video of her performance at 3rd year level Contemporary Classical Singing unaccompanied, a performance lasting some twenty minutes and earning her a first at her first ever singing examination.

Alexandra believes in taking a well calculated risk and enjoying life to the full, if you have a musical ambition Alexandra will help you to achieve it, after all “since the age of eight it was my musical ambition to sing “More than a Feeling” the US hit from the band Boston with Boston, and somehow I managed it and wound up with a testimonial from their lead guitarist and songwriter Gary Pihl…!”

Alexandra is able to offer:

Singing classes for beginners to advanced students of all age groups

Music Software classes for programmes such as Sibelius, Sonar, Protools etc

Music theory for beginners to advanced students

Composition skills

Basic keyboard skills, a must for rehearsing at home

Digital recording

Rehearsal rooms and professional record sessions can also be arranged if you require them.

Alexandra can offer tuition via 1-2-1 session at her home studio, Skype, email, messenger or other online media and is happy to tailor a package to suit your needs be they examination skills, competitions, or purely for recreation and is happy to help you with your public speaking skills.


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"I had recently moved to the UK from Germany for a year’s research contract at Durham University and contacted Alexandra for some weekly singing and music classes with the aim of improving my English and kick-starting my social life. Alexandra uses a comprehensive program including yoga, posture and breathing, voice projection and pronunciation exercises. I found my classes with Alexandra very beneficial and I looked forward to my regular weekly 2hr sessions over the year; it was a great way to unwind after the busy week and a great warm-up before my martial arts class."

- Hanna G - Postgraduate Student from Germany, 2010.


"Although Amelie was a talented young dancer we wanted her to audition for a singing part to improve her chances of getting roles in musicals. Amelie, not yet a teenager is very professionally minded and works hard to achieve her goals.We contacted Alexandra who quickly devised a weekly hour long intensive structured singing program, this was based on improving material she was already confident at singing. Amelie was able to strengthen her voice, range and confidence within a very short space of time and able to own singing “a Capella” with a new understanding of tempo, vocal power, pronunciation and imagination. We were so pleased when she aced her audition and won herself her first singing and dancing role in a musical."

- Amelie - Musical Audition Preparation, 2011.


"Tricia was interested in forming an “a Capella” singing group with some of her primary school friends and decided she would try weekly singing and music theory classes. Alexandra organised a tailored program for Tricia and after a few months decided it would be a good idea to try out for the “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions in Newcastle; this would give a little reality and excitement to the whole process. It was very exciting to have regular rehearsals and shop for outfits and was great day out to Newcastle and excellent preparation for future auditions."

- Tricia - Music Theory, Singing and an Audition for Britain's Got Talent, 2010-11.


"I contacted Alexandra as she was a registered teacher with the local authority and recommended to me by my social worker. Alexandra was authorised to receive payment through the local authority funding scheme and we set to work on a package of ten classes to improve my confidence and brush up my technique. I had been ill for some time but was looking forward to a fresh start as a solo performer singing covers and playing guitar with my first performance booked at my local rehabilitation day centre."

- Linda G - Singer/Songwriter, 2013.


"We contacted Alexandra to arrange a meeting to see it we could put together some sessions with the teenagers at a local youth centre as we had been allocated lottery funding and wanted to try something new. Alexandra devised a 10 week taster for our youth centre covering female contemporary pop singers from the 1960’s- the current day. The course consisted of thorough individual and group warm-up with team building exercises, “a Capella” singing in a round or Canon, scales, various breathing techniques, meditative breathing and bodywork. The session also included the use of to see how the techniques covered in class were used in professional performance."

- Youth Centre - Voice Work, 2014.


"I called Alexandra to discuss learning to play piano and sufficient music theory to start playing from sheet music as it had always been an ambition of mine. We decided the best course of action was to study piano grades and music theory grades so I had the option to study for exams if I wanted to. We started regular weekly two hour classes working at her home studio with Trinity music and piano grades level one. This introduced me to co-ordinating both left and right hands and reading the score at the same time, gradually I began to understand what the score was telling me to do and how to put it all together. Although this was a lot more complicated than I had first imagined we had a lot of fun working through both the pieces and the theory, it was a very rewarding process."

- Janette - Piano & Music Theory, 2012-14


“I had the pleasure of making some music with Alex Martin on a trip to London not long ago. I was impressed with her musical maturity for such a young woman. She's got the raw talent, energy and insight to make me think she's ready to break out! Keep an eye on Alex Martin so that you too can say you saw her on the way up."

- Gary Pihl

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Session Fee: £25 per hour 200 for block bookings of 10 hrs