Ella Julian

Location: Windmill Hill

Ella is an accomplished singer / songwriter, performer and vocal coach, actively gigging nationwide andtraining students in popular music styles from dance music to folk and rock, As well as teaching new singing techniques ,Ella specialises on confidence building as this can be the main block that stops us singing at our best!Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, Ella has something to suit every need. Ella's uniquely versatile talent has many different guises. From singing jazz, funk, soul, RnB and commercial smash hits through to drum n bass acts, she can help vocalists learn many different styles.

Ella has over twenty years experience and is an accomplished jazz singer / songwriter, performer and vocal coach. She is incredibly versatile and has been singing all styles of music all her life. Ella has been performing since childhood, and followed her dream which lead to playing many live gigs over the years including Glastonbury Festival on the Jazz Word stage with MoFunk and other Glastonbury stages over the years with World Government( with Ian Matthews of Kasabian). Ella Features on MTV with “TC”, Bristol’s award winning pioneer in drum n bass artist and producer. She also has experience on radio and live gigs all over Europe and Australia and has also written, performed and toured worldwide with Tru, MoFunk, Amazonas and currently her own band Ella Julian & friends.

Ella has collaborations with D-Product ( Roni Size ), Tony Briscoe (Sony) and Krantz. Shehas written, performed and toured worldwide in Europe and Australia and has judged talent competitions such as "Live n unsigned".


"Ella is an inspiring & extremely talented vocal coach who has brought strength and confidence to my singing"!
Jazz Urell Student

Session Fee: £27.50 per hour