Heather Hepburn

Location: Maidstone

I have been have been singing for the last 15 years, I am a SLS Voice coach and can teach a mixture of different genres to beginners to advanced.

Recently I have also been teaching group workshops also to adults, children and professional singers in central london and surrounding areas. Focusing on Musical Theatre and Jazz genres, as well as working in bands as a session / features singer, in spare time.

What can you expect from a lesson from me?
Depending on the student's experience and what they are hoping to achieve. We go through the basics, such as tone and breathing control if you are new to singing. I guarantee that you will come away from any lesson with a much deeper understanding of the voice and how to improve it.

I play a mixture of Piano and guitar as well as pre-recorded exercises and backing tracks.

At the end of the lesson, you will have a much clearer idea on what you need to do and truly sound like (thanks to recording /hearfones)

Groups and all ages and levels are welcomed.


" excellent - thanks! " - Kerri

" Great Group lessons" - Jessica G


"Excellent Teaching - Enjoyed every lesson so far!"

"Great first lesson - Thanks!"

" Helped alot, Would recommend Heather "

" Great first & second lesson so far!"

" Would recommend heather if you are looking to learn to sing. I have had a few other teachers none that really made it easy to understand. Heather has helped me learn things by explaining the technique in many different ways and it has helped! It's great that she has a love for what she does as i feel it helps my confidence and optimisim too! Thanks heather! "

" I have been coming to heather for over 6 months and have enjoyed every lesson and learnt so much. My breathing and projection skills have all been fixed and i understand singing so much better now"

" great value for money. love it. "

" Heather does truly know what she is talking about and would recommend to anybody that is looking to sing and improve their voice to come and see what magic and quick results she can give you as she did with me. I like the way i sound now and know not to feel nervous when singing/auditioning which is and always has been the main goal"

Session Fee: £30 per hour