Helena Webber

Location: Chester-le-Street

Helena was born in County Durham and showed a passion for singing from a very early age, performing in public from the age of thirteen. She had the opportunity to turn professional at the age of sixteen, however she declined thinking that she was too young. She went on to take singing and dance lessons and became a professional singer at the age of twenty four working extensively throughout the UK performing mainly as a solo artist. At one point Helena worked in a duo with a brilliant session guitarist called Tony Deere. Tony's expertise on the guitar had a positive influence on her development as a singer.

Over the years Helena has written and recorded a lot of her own material which has received quite a bit of airplay. Helena is a highly versatile singer and has worked as a session singer recording songs penned by writers from the UK and beyond. The session work included anything from musical theatre to pop and everything in between. She began to study vocal theory several years ago which led to her becoming a vocal coach in 2002.

Helena is able to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere believing that singing is about the whole person and not just the voice.

Helen's teaching style is greatly influenced by her attitude skills and personal values believing the voice to be a powerful expression of who we are, for example fear and negative experiences trap and hinder the true voice. Helens aims to connect with her students at the level they are at working with her instincts to identify and help to remove any potential blocks which could impede on the development of the students ability to learn and grow both vocally and creatively. Lessons include theory correct posture and breathing alexander technique body and voice warm ups good use of vowels in singing and spoken scales arpeggios and vocal exercises development of pitch second pitching finding best vocal quality and balance within workable vocal range of the student.


'Previous to having singing lessons with Helena, I had a very negative experience of how singing lessons were taught. Helena’s lessons however have always offered a very positive warm environment, which allowed me to immediately regain confidence in my singing ability. I feel that Helena was able to create this atmosphere as she takes great care in learning each students ability and character and then tailoring her own knowledge and teaching skill to meet the students specific requirements. Helena’s lessons were always very well structured. At the beginning of each lesson, she would explain the theory behind the lesson, after this Helena would always test my own understanding of the theory with short questions. I found this particularly helpful not only as I learnt from this but also because I felt fully prepared for each lesson. During the lessons Helena always made sure I was comfortable with what I was learning but also continued to encourage me throughout. Helena always gave very constructive feedback at the end of each lesson and agreed personal targets for future lessons.
The singing lessons I received from Helena have certainly inspired me to pursue a great passion for singing, but also developed a variety of skills and I believe that she is a truly gifted teacher.' Natalie

Session Fee: £35 per hour