Kath Simpson

Location: Newcastle

Kath is one of the North East’s top professional singers, and has entertained at hundreds of venues over the last 20 years both nationally and internationally for all occasions, including weddings, parties, corporate functions, cruises and festivals. Kath is interested in helping students sing all genres of popular music, and knows how important it is to be versatile, and as an established and vastly experienced artist, continues to entertain audiences through many channels, of professional function bands, P&O cruises (The Arcadia and The Oceana Ships in March and April 2011), in Popular Jazz Bands whilst also maintaining her solo career, so is completely in touch with the entertainment industry as it stands.

Kath’s has developed her own voice so that it is versatile enough to cover all genres of music, from Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, Rianna, Lady Gaga, Blondie and Texas, to The Carpenters, Dusty Springfield, Ella Fitzgerald, Jane Monheit, Eva Cassidy and Whitney Houston, and can therefore assist students using established vocal techniques, deal with the current demands of becoming a singer, or maintaining their popularity by expanding on singing styles as an already established artist, as up and coming acts emerge, bringing with it new demands of a singer that wants to perform cover songs. Kath can also look at the performance aspects of singing, as well as general presentation of self, depending on the student’s own goals

Kath has a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Occupational Therapy, and until she decided to teach singing on a full-time basis in December 2011, has been a practising Occupational Therapist for 8 years (Occupational Therapy in mental health). Kath explains that “OT’s are particularly interested in using any occupation as means of staying healthy, or becoming healthy, and singing is an occupational habit that hundreds of thousands of people in Britain alone, enjoy so much. Singing, or being a ‘singer’ is how many people would like to describe themselves as ‘who they are’. Being in the singing world can make a person feel themselves, have a sense of identity, can help express themselves, and help them feel comfortable in their own skins, no matter what the age!” Kath goes on to say that …”there is no better feeling of satisfaction when I know I’ve reached someone through my voice while singing a particular song, or helped a student reach a goal that gets them one step closer to becoming everything they want to become!”
With the use of safe, established and reliable vocal techniques, together with Kath’s enormous experience as a singer, proves invaluable for those students wanting to pursue a singing career, or simply improve the voice they already have.


"Singing lessons have helped me in a numerous amount of ways! One of the most prominent would be that they've helped grow as an artist and develop complex techniques in singing that will allow me to perform songs to my best ability! Not only this, but the lessons have shown me how to control my voice in runs, placement, volume and tone all of which equate singing in a healthy but effective way! The lessons are very fun, interesting and I always look forward to going because there is always something else to learn and work on. The increase in difficulty as the singing lessons progress throughout your time as a pupil is something that drives me as I love a challenge!" Alicia Dodds, age 14, October 2013.

"Kath is an excellent vocal coach. I can highly recommend her singing lessons, they have certainly been helping me to develop and improve upon technique and style. I am definitely on the road to achieving my singing goals."
Kate Thompson, aged 34 from Gateshead, March 2012.

Session Fee: £30 per hour