Laura Duckworth

Location: Stanmore

Professional singer, songwriter, frontwoman and performer Laura has toured the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA with her band Tokyo Taboo.

She has taken part in singing competitions such as Sky 1’s Must Be The Music, (which saw her perform at The Hackney Empire in front of the likes of Jamie Cullum & Dizzee Rascal) been through the gruelling audition processes of both The Voice UK and The X Factor UK and has gained an extensive knowledge surrounding today’s music industry and unsigned scene. Laura has studied singing for many years with Voxbox Director and Co-Founder Leon Berrange, Advanced IVA Instructor Rachel Black and has also been tutored by master SLS teacher Greg Enriquez and master IVA teacher Guy Babusek. She is today an ever active performer. Whilst writing and releasing new music Laura wants to meet and work with you; share her knowledge and, concurrently, learn from you!

Laura says, ‘Music has always been vitally important to me. I started performing from the age of seven, attended Sylvia Young Theatre School aged twelve and took part in their annual productions along with smaller productions of The Wiz and Les Miserables. I studied Drama and Theatre Studies both at A Level and BA Degree level and found my studies definitely brought out the performer in me!

Despite my singing experience from a young age I only truly improved my voice when I started taking singing lessons at Voxbox in 2007. I didn't have a chest voice at all and had a nice tone but little control.

Once I started performing in my band I started to pick up bad habits such as singing too loud and pulling chest. I'd sing a little flat at times and it felt like really hard work on stage (I often couldn't talk after singing!) Gradually, through regular lessons and a lot of practise, I was able to iron out the problem areas in my voice. It dawned on me that louder singing does not necessarily equal a better or more powerful singer and I saw that precision and control are key. I had an epiphany when I realised that in singing, less 'force' & volume is definitely more! I learnt through making many many mistakes and through trying to correct them myself.

I am still learning and developing my voice and I have made huge leaps and bounds musically recently. I firmly believe stable larynx singing techniques such as SLS and IVA are the foundation to improving vocal technique, gain balance, control and make the most of the voice that you already have. Complete beginner or advanced singer I can help you as I have been there too!’


Session Fee: £25 per hour