Lisa Lee

Location: Pinner

Lisa Lee started singing professionally in her late teens, gaining experience on stage as lead singer of a popular local band playing in bars and at parties around London. Lisa was awarded a distinction in BTEC Performing Arts in 2000, specialising in Music and singing. She took part in many shows and competitions whilst on the course, and went on to play a lead role in a show performed at the London Palladium in 2001. Lisa has been teaching singing technique since early 2008, and completed a PTLLS community music teaching qualification (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) in 2009. She has also recently completed a singing teacher's course with esteemed industry vocal coach, Line Hilton.

Over the years, Lisa has collaborated with bands in pop, dance, and acoustic genres, and is currently working on her own original music as well as singing solo at functions and in bars. Having extensive performance and recording experience means Lisa can coach not only in vocal skills and technique but also in microphone technique, stage presence, and confidence.

Lessons with Lisa Lee are taught using piano and recorded exercises, backing tracks and lyric sheets. After each lesson, Lisa will email students any new exercises they have done in the lesson, with a detailed explanation, so that students can practise at home. Students have said that this is invaluable to their development as it enables them to practise everything they have done in lessons, at home in their own time and environment, knowing that they are doing it right!

Lessons are £40 an hour from Lisa's home studio, where students can feel relaxed, and comfortable to ask questions and make some noise! Price also includes any contact time outside of lessons.

Lisa Lee puts her years of singing and teaching experience into each lesson, tailoring content according to each students ability and developmental needs. She specialises in teaching beginners and intermediate students, or those who are simply nervous or lacking in confidence. All are welcome from the age of 10 upwards!

Lisa has a full CRB disclosure and Public Liability Insurance through the Musicians Union.

What to expect in your first lesson with Lisa Lee:

'Hi! I'm glad you're looking into singing lessons with me, as singing is really good for the body and mind! I know people are often nervous about learning to sing, and about what will happen in their first lesson, so please read on for an idea about your first lesson with me, and a few tips on how to prepare beforehand.

In your first lesson, we will have a chat about your reasons for wanting to develop your voice, so that I can plan your future lessons accordingly. We will do a few exercises to get you singing and warmed up. These exercises include valuable singing techniques, so you are already learning how to use your voice correctly, as well as doing exactly what they promise - warming you up and getting you relaxed! Towards the end of the lesson, I will ask you to sing a song - either in part or whole - so I can see how your singing is currently. Don't panic - you don't have to learn the song inside out or 'perform' it, you just need to have a song in mind that you know fairly well and bring the lyrics etc if you need to. From there, we will discuss how you can develop your voice in lessons with me, I will outline a recommended practice plan, and will then send you all of the exercises you have worked on in the lesson so that you can practice at home.

So don't worry! You'll enjoy it!

Before the lesson, and in fact every day, it is a really good idea to drink lots of water throughout the day, to hydrate your body and especially your vocal chords. Get plenty of sleep if you can, and try to eat a light meal a couple of hours before you plan to sing - if you eat just before your lesson (or a performance), you may feel sluggish and heavy. But do eat! You need energy to sing, and if you are feeling tired and hungry that won't help either!

If you follow the advice above it should help you get the most out of your singing all you have to do is book your first one! And then of course practice...but first things first...I look forward to hearing from you soon!'


Lessons with Lisa are both fun and informative. Since I started taking lessons with her, my breathing, tone, confidence and tuning have all improved dramatically. She is the best singing teacher I have had, and tells me when I do well, as well as what I need to work on. A great singer and teacher - worth every penny!
Heather, 24

I really enjoy my lessons with Lisa, she is always fun and makes me laugh whilst helping me with my singing. I feel my voice has got a lot better
Sarah, 11

On joining a choir at the grand age of 58, I wanted to learn how to sing properly. Having struggled with the technicalities of singing all my life, I was somewhat nervous of approaching the young and remarkably talented Lisa. However, her friendliness and relaxed manner soon put me at my ease. She is mature and conscientious and has a very positive approach.
As she doesn’t play an instrument while teaching Lisa is able to give her undivided attention to your performance – I soon came to appreciate the benefits, since her focus as she studies your technique is second to none. Ever encouraging, she makes careful notes of the particular areas you need to concentrate on and e-mails them to you as reminders, along with exercises and songs to practice.
After only a few lessons with Lisa I found I was thinking about my voice in a completely different way, was gaining confidence and my throat felt much happier. If I’m feeling below par, or having an off day, Lisa has what it takes to steer me back on course again. I consider myself really fortunate to have found such a truly brilliant teacher.
Jan, 58

Session Fee: £40 per hour