Location: Wantage

I studied Music Technology at Canterbury college graduating in 2007. I teach and play several instruments. I have been a private tutor for over two years & I really enjoy teaching the Vocal Tutor method. 

Professionally I have taught workshops in comuunity and schools for over 18 years as a drama, music and performance teacher or workshop facilitator. I also have years of SEN experience. I have a warm, lively and holistic view of teaching and a good sense of humour.  I can: 

  • Help you gain confidence and overcome nerves
  • Get the best out of your voice
  • Help you to read and understand music and
  • Develop skills for the stage or karaoke. She can
  • Help you to get the best out of your own voice - or to immitate someone else's!   
  • Work with SEN students.

If you would like to work with a tutor who can help you build confidence, have fun, loosen up and enjoy your voice then I may be a good choice for you.  

I teach from my home in Wantage where I have my piano, sheet music and recording equipment. I teach:

  • Beginners (introductory).          = £25 per hour 
  • Grade 1 - 3 male and female.   = £35 per hour 
  • Grade 3 - 5 female only.            =  £45 per hour

Half hour and 90 minute lessons available on request. 


"Lorraine is helping me become a more confident, more accomished singer and is making the process so enjoyable it's a pleasure to put the work in" - Heather (former Vocal Tutor student)

"She's got everything that a teacher needs to have: patience, knowledge, humour etc" ~ Cecelia (former singing student) 

"Lorraine is a dynamic musician, poet, singer and songwriter, Lorraine has a...conscious approach to creativiy and her encouragement of the young, beginners, people with learning difficulties and the community as a whole" - David Britain - percussionist Lapis Lazuli 

"Lorraine has an excellent approach in engaging her participants. The structure of her sessions create a fun and trustworthy environment for them to feel comfortable...without feeling too pressured, and once they are actively taking are really able to see the excitement in their involvement" - Aaron Duncan - Director Themixtape Project 


Session Fee: £25 - 35