Rebecca Phillips

Location: London

Rebecca’s vocal coaching clients range from beginners to professional singers / signed artists as well as “X-Factor” and “The Voice” auditionees and finalists. She was also a specialist and vocal coaching on the audition proess for BBC One's "The Voice" this year.
Some of her clients include: Mary Charteris (The Big Pink), Sophie Habibis (X-Factor finalist), Joe Cox (Judges Houses – X-Factor 2011), Sarah Jane Crawford (Radio 1), Mikil Pane (Mercury Records), JJ Hodari (Asylum Records), Lexi and the Kills, Sarah Good Natured and LULS (SB Management), Florrie Arnold (Zenomania), Assha and Fudge and the Frequency (Metropolis Artist Management), Psychologist, Elle Watson, J-Sol and many more.

Rebecca has been singing professionally for over 10 years as a lead vocalist and session singer. She has worked within a lot of musical styles both when teaching and in session work. She comes from a varied musical background and also has recording and production experience and a Music Production Degree at Leeds College of Music. This has provided the perfect background for both session and teaching work. It has meant that coached clients receive more preparation for live singing work as well as studio recording, which is very useful because different environments can pose individual difficulties for artists. This has also been helpful when achieving the required vocal sound for session clients.

Rebecca is constantly in training. Having already completed many courses with the BVA (British Vocal Association) as well as other vocal institutions, she studies the voice regularly, keeping up to date with all new vocal research, along with conducting her own research into the voice. This ensures that her coaching clients are offered the most up-to-date methods so they can get maximum capability from their voice in a safe and healthy way. This also means that her voice is constantly developing and improving which provides an efficient and creative tool for session work.

Rebecca also runs vocal courses throughout the UK and is often featured as a speaker and teacher at other vocal conferences. Her session work has taken her around the UK and internationally.


“I’ve been having lessons with Rebecca for some months now and she has helped me in many ways. Firstly, she is a kind and welcoming person which was great for me when I first met her. Secondly, she really knows what she is doing. She helped me greatly with my range and hugely with my confidence. She is not scared to tell me what I am doing wrong and will not give up until I get it perfect. All in all, she is a wonderful vocal teacher with a beautiful voice of her own. Anyone should feel privileged to have her as a teacher.”
Sophie Habibis, Singer and X-Factor Finalist 2011

“Rebecca Phillips is quite simply the best vocal tutor I’ve ever had. She has a wealth of knowledge on every possible style of singing, and there is a logical, scientific grounding to that knowledge which is all with a view to being able to stretch your voice beyond what you thought you were capable of, all the while remaining completely and utterly safe.”
Iain Woods aka PSYCHOLOGIST, Singer / Songwriter

“After seeing Becky for only a short while I noticed a massive change in my voice control and confidence. She is able to explain vocal tecnique clearly and concisely and eases you into adopting beneficial techniques, such that they become second nature. Her bubbly and friendly nature also makes her lessons a joy to attend!”
Jessie Burn – Singer / Songwriter

“I was happy to have Rebecca as a my vocal coach, her techniques made it far easier than before for me to sing without straining at all. Her patience was just incredible and I would recommend her to anyone without thinking twice.”
Archie Tigere – Singer / Songwriter / Producer and Executive of ‘Tigere Records’

“I’ve never had any vocal coaching in my life & neither have I felt comfortable or confident enough to pursue a lesson. That was until I spoke with Rebecca. Her lessons are easy going, non complicated, fun, well taught & very rewarding. I am currently on my third lesson & already feel like I have made a lot of progress & thats all thank to Rebecca.
Gavin Marshall aka Distinction – Singer / Songwriter / Producer

“The first time I went to every1cansing, I could sing but I could never knew techniques that could enhance my vocals, which Rebecca taught me from the first lesson. My voice has improved significantly and I’m really looking forward to making further progress and learning more about my vocal potential.”
Mishael Obozua – Singer / Songwriter

“The reason I would recommend Rebecca is that she firstly really understands what it is you want to achieve. This may sound obvious, but so often teachers (in whatever subject it may be) teach you what they think you need and not what it is you actually want to get out of a lesson. Rebecca completely understands my goals to simply protect my voice so it’s not killing after every session, and to just tighten some rough edges to make me a far more effective singer. Secondly, and just as importantly, she has an amazing energy and spirit that then make learning far easier than you would ever imagine it could be.”
Benjamin– Singer / Songwriter / Musician

“I’m completely new to singing. I was worried that I would feel embarrassed and frustrated with my progress. I need not of worried as Rebecca creates a great atmosphere and excellent lesson plans. We stay on a song long enough to make real progress but not to0 long, to be monotonous. I would not recommend anyone else!”
Richard Wilkins, Singer – Beginner

“Rebecca Phillips really knows her trade and is perfectionist in both the art and science of a great vocal. She always gets the best possible performance out of a vocalist, whether she is polishing the techniques of a seasoned professional, or giving new found skills and confidence to amateurs. I will always send singers to Rebecca before recording them, and would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of contracting her services.”
Matt Hamilton, Metropolis Group

Rebecca is a very professional vocal coach, who made me feel so at ease in my lessons from day one. Her bright personality allows the lessons to be fun rather than daunting. She really works on progressing you as an individual artist, focusing on developing your weaknesses while maintaining or further improving your qualities. She taught me a lot about my own voice, but also about the instrument itself, which was really important. She is extremely talented, a very calm teacher and I highly recommend her!
Roanna Dunsford, Singer / Dancer / Model

“Before taking lessons with Rebecca I had little confidence about my voices’ potential. She helped me gain power and control by using specialised breathing and vocal exercises. More importantly I felt really comfortable with her and trusted her completely with my voice, which is why I think I was able to make such improvements in a short space of time. Rebecca is so down to earth and encouraging. She celebrates your strengths and targets your weaknesses. I now view her a friend as well a vocal tutor. Highly recommended!”
Lorna Carbon, Singer/Songwriter

“I was very pleased with my block of singing lessons during the autumn of last year.I found Rebecca to be very professional, has a great personality and I always found the lessons interesting, plus you get a chance to sing your favourite song/songs from your first lesson”!!
Steven Pointer – Singer

I went to Rebecca having had previous training and classes but felt like I learnt more in the first lesson than most of my previous training combined! Rebecca knows technique well and looks at other alternatives if I am struggling with certain aspects. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me improve the weak areas in my voice that I didn’t think would ever get any better. I look forward to every lesson and would recommend her to anyone thinking of starting lessons.
Nathan Gascon-Saiz- Singer

Session Fee: £45 per hour