Sabrina Findlay

Location: Reading

Born and raised in Singapore till the age of 17, Sabrina has been performing since the age of 4. Her first taste of live singing was a performance in primary school when she was just 10.

All through her education, Sabrina involved herself in drama, musical theatre, sang and played the piano in a jazz band during her A level years. She graduated with A levels in English, Music, Theatre and Law. She started performing acoustic sets in Oxford and Reading at 19, and has done live acoustic sets with audiences that include Sir Richard Branson and Natalie Imbruglia. She's been part of a band which opened for 'Toploader' and sang alongside 'The Drifters' too!

Her music influences range from the early Motown roots, Sinatra, Bon Jovi (thanks to her mum), all the way to the new - Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Foo Fighters, Martin Garrix… you name it, she’s a fan.

‘There’s so many types of music out there, singing has become so creative now’.

She has been vocal coaching for 8 years and has coached winners of 'Open Mic UK' Her approach to teaching is one of patience and tenacity and of course... fun!

Each student will be guided and taught something they want to learn with their own twist. Sabrina’s aim is to encourage her students to be fearless with their approach to singing. She has a passion for music and hopes to pass this on to her students. She has a fully equipped studio in the garden with all your singing needs.


Well, what can we say about Sabrina Findlay! She has been the best singing teacher by far that we have ever experienced. She has instilled confidence and pushed our daughter's boundaries with her voice and supported her in every way. Coached and mentored her through Open Mic 2010 and will be doing the same this year. She totally bonds and manages to get the best out our daughter in ways that we could never have imagined. Hence, Siana's voice has grown in depth and ability tremendously over the last year. Would highly recommend Sabrina for anyone wanting to learn from scratch or improve on what they already have. She has a great voice herself and a good knowledge of music theory, song writing and improvisation. She can also accompany on the piano. What more could you want.
Stella Schofield

Sabrina is has really helped my son find confidence with his voice and encouraged him to extend his vocal skills. She is positive and friendly and always willing to accomadate our schedule. Thank you Sabrina.
Angie Brown

I was looking for a singing teacher to give my 11year old daughter Clare a bit of confidence. Never having had anything to do with singing before I expected lots of scales etc. so I was surprised when Clare came home from her first lesson with the beginnings of a recording of herself singing one of her favourite songs, a file with homework, exercises and anatomical diagrams There's a lot more to it than I imagined and Sabrina certainly knows her stuff. Above all though Sabrina gets the best from Clare, gives her confidence but also keeps her very relaxed and happy. Clare says Sabrina's lessons are "great fun and cool".
Elspa Herring

Session Fee: £?36 per hour