Stevie Van Lange

Location: Kingsbury

Stevie Vann Lange was born in Mufulira Zambia a small African village close to the Congo border, her Father was a copper miner her Mother a doctor, they both encouraged her to play the piano from the age of 6 years old and she was singing in a dance band by the age of 12 years. Her Dad used to take her to gigs, hang around and bring her back home till she was old enough at age 16 to drive and take herself.

Soon after she was 16 years old she had her own television show in which she danced and sang to a Hollywood a gogo style. By her late teens she had released two LPs in her own right and had been voted Top Female Vocalist in South Africa, where she was presented a Sari award by the late great Peter Sellers.

A household name by the time she was a young teenager Stevie became the top tv and radio jingle singer in South Africa, singing on virtually every advert going.

The 70s
Stevie attended the same school as Mutt Lange in Mufulira and when she left Zambia met up with him later again in South Africa where they married and formed a band called Hocus. They both sang on jingles during the day and night times were spent writing, recording and playing gigs.

Working with Mutt in the studio for years undoubtedly helped Stevie to hone and perfect her production skills Mutt is still regarded as one of the best producers on the planet.
Stevie and Mutt soon felt the need to expand and when offered a UK management deal, neither needed no encouragement to pack and leave Cape Town by ship to England.
When they arrived in the UK Stevie met Dave Dee who was with Warner Brothers at the time and clinched a deal with her husband Mutt under the name of Stephen. They released their first single called Right On Running Man.

Mutt went on to become one of the worlds leading record producers although their marriage had broken up they still today remain the best of friends. Working with Mutt in the studio for years undoubtedly helped Stevie to hone and perfect her production skills Mutt is still regarded as one of the best producers on the planet.

The 80s
Stevie entered into the Session world yet again after the split with Mutt but this time in the UK.

The first session she sang on was for Manfred Mann where she met Chris Thompson soon after the meeting she formed a backing group called Bones. When Bones fell apart it was Chris Thompson who approached her to form a group with him. The result was Night a deal was secured with Planet Records which resulted in two US top 20 singles and two albums Hot Summer Nights and The Champ.

During this time Stevie was living in the states and through Huey Lewis, met up with the Doobie Brothers, eventually co-headlining an American tour with them.

Night finally parted company in 83 resulting in a succession of prestigious jobs in various areas of the industry. For five years on and off she sang with James Last's Soul Choir comprising of Jimmy Helms Jimmy Chambers and George Chandler 9 who later became the famous London BEAT, Together with Vicki Brown and Madeline Bell. For two years she toured with Elton John and contributed vocals to albums and singles for artists all over the world.

A few who got the Stevie Vann treatment where, Elton John, Def Leppard, Billy Ocean, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Dave Steward, Brian Adams, Tina Turner, and Living in a Box.

The 90's To Present Day
The late 80s early 90s had Stevie playing in Molly Duncan's Contraband throughout Spain alongside The four Tops and contributing vocals to the SAS band Spike Edneys all Star Band (SAS Band) who she still sings with to this day. Stevie recorded her own Rock Album with Mutt in Nashville in the early 90s.

Stevies CV to follow below tracks her impressive resume from the 90s to the present day.

Session Vocal Specialist
Stevie Lange, vocal coach/vocal producer has made a huge difference to every session she has produced. Her work ethics are quality, quality and more quality, with amazingly quick results, therefore cutting valuable studio time and costs."

To reduce time, expense and frustration on your vocal recording projects, add Stevie Lange to your team of professionals, Stevie is a Vocal Specialist and expert performance preparation and vocal style coach, who has worked on scores of recording projects in major studios throughout the past decade.

Stevie has a wealth of experience with studio production and equipment, including all digital and computer recording techniques, emphasising on microphone and acoustics as they affect vocal performance quality. She is hired by record producers to act as the session vocal coach or as full-on vocal producer. Having produced entire albums as well as single tracks Stevie understands what is needed and possesses the skills to assist the producer in achieving his vision for the recording.

Stevie can help an artist with everything required to prepare for a studio session. Things like developing the songs to be recorded, adding harmonies and backup parts to the track, the arrangement, the performance, phrasing, Stevie is also able to correct any vocal problems within the song.

Stevies coaching/production skills have been developed over 30 years as a singer/teacher and she can quickly identify and solve problems that would normally wear out a singers voice as they do multiple takes during a recording project, therefore helping to help the singer stay relaxed and deliver a convincing top class performance.
While the main target of Stevie s input in the recording process is to attain the most stellar performance needed for a professional recording, she will also recognise and retain the definitive and unique character of the artists natural ability and talents.
Stevie also excels in her vocal production for the artists concert tour, by closely monitoring all rehearsals with the artist and backing singers to ensure consistant and accurate vocal performances that blend and harmonise perfectly.

With Stevie Lange as part of your team you will achieve higher quality product in less studio time and your sessions will be more enjoyable and creative for everyone.
Such is the demand for her services, record producers and label A&R constantly request Stevies presence in the studio.

Session Availability:
For session times available with this tutor, please contact Vocaltutor.


"Sessions with Stevie are always high energy but at the same time relaxed and productive. I would therefore highly recommend her services to producers and artists who want to get convincing vocal performances everytime."

Session Fee: £75 per hour