If you have never had singing lessons before you are going to be nervous, so here is some information to give you an idea of what to expect in your sessions with Vocaltutor!

Vocaltutor has developed a unique teaching method that trains all aspects of the voice including breathing techniques, range development, pitch correction, articulation, repertoire choices, confidence building and most of all bridges the chest and head voice successfully.

Our technique also ensures strength in the head voice. Ensuring a connected vocal tone throughout your whole range. We have specialist teachers in genres including: Pop, Musical Theatre, Soul, Jazz, Rock & Metal, Classical and more.

Each of our Vocaltutor Associate Teachers use the Vocaltutor teaching methods alongside their own expertise and teaching methods, resulting in a high quality, professional, safe and positive tuition experience.

Your First Lesson

The first session will include a vocal assessment, allowing your vocaltutor teacher to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Sessions are tailored towards the individual. Tuition is available to beginners through to advanced. Teaching is on a 1-2-1 basis in half hour or hourly sessions.

Meeting your tutor

It is so important you feel comfortable and relaxed. Meeting new people is nerve wracking, and when you will need to sing in front of your new teacher for the first time it makes things worse! You are likely to be very nervous and are probably (unless you have had singing lessons before) not going to be able to sing as well as you do at home initially.

The first portion of the session gives you chance to get to know your new teacher and allow your teacher to get to know you.

You will be given a student file/folder and selection of handouts.

The Vocaltutor Assessment

The remaining part of the session, is a vocal assessment. This is where your teacher will begin to understand your vocal ability. The vocal assessment will start with a selection of breathing exercises to assess your breathing technique. As you relax your tutor will move onto a few vocal warm ups, such as the Lip Roll, some vowel exercises and maybe some articulation exercises.

Some Vocaltutor teachers will will play the exercises on a piano or keyboard and others prefer to use our Vocaltutor Warm Up CDs.

Your teacher will be listening out for:

How do you breathe when singing?
How well do you use your resonance spaces?
Do you have good timing?
Do you have good pronunciation?
Is your vocal tone clear or husky?
Can you pitch?
Do you understand vocal registers and how to move between them?
All Vocaltutor teachers will sing with you in the first session, and every session afterwards, until you feel comfortable to sing without your teacher.

The Vocaltutor Grade System

The Vocaltutor Grade System is a huge part of Vocaltutor’s teaching programme, projecting a new & unique way of developing and assessing student’s capabilities without the stress of exams. The exercises cover breathing, articulation, placement, flexibility, bridging, range development and more.

There are vocal exercises suitable for all ages, male and female. The grade system has been designed to offer a development process for students, like exams, but without the stress. They can be used if clients/teachers want to use them. They should be used in order and once each level is completed, a certificate is available from Head Office. Many of our Associate Teachers are also able to coach students for exams with ABRSM, Rock School and other exam bodies.

'Hi I just had my first singing lesson with Lee Webster in Epsom, Surrey. What I liked most about the lesson was that he tailored it specially for me after listening to my voice singing some scales. We went back to basics (I don't really have much singing experience) and he explained everything in a very simple way, likening singing techniques to things I could relate to (like yawning!). It was well structured, using examples from famous songs/singers to help demonstrate when/how to apply these techniques, and he's left me with some exercises to practise before my next lesson. Highly recommended! '
Oliver Robinson - Associate Teacher Epsom: Lee Webster

'Gillian is a fantastic singing tutor. Thanks to her, I've learnt so much about how to sing properlywithout causing damage to my voice. I would certainly recommend Gillian to anyone who wants to learn to sing in a relaxed, friendly and professional way'
Mark Whitehead - Associate Teacher Liverpool: Gillian Newman

Our Clients

Vocaltutor's Associates, are experienced and qualified teachers and have worked with some of the best singers in the industry.

Here are to name just a few:

My Super Sweet 16 UK (MTV), Just the Two of Us (BBC), The Saturdays
Georgina Hill-Brown - Pontefract Associate Teacher

Steps, Robbie Williams, Lulu, Blue, Pharrel Williams and many more
Stevie Van Lange - London Associate Teacher

Mary Charteris (The Big Pink), Sophie Habibis (X-Factor finalist), Joe Cox (Judges Houses – X-Factor 2011), Sarah Jane Crawford (Radio 1)
Rebecca Phillips - London Associate Teacher